Friday, March 25, 2011

These Are a Few Of Our Favorite Things . . . . .

 Back in this week are a few of our favorite products:  505 Spray and Fix Temporary Fabric Adhesive.  This is especially great for holding layers together for quilting wall hangings, small panels and even baby quilts. It securely holds the backing, batting and pieced top together and some folks even use it for larger projects!
 Fray Check is a wonderful product to have in your sewing kit.  This liquid seam sealant by Collins prevents fraying and secures thread ends.
 These scissor fobs by Handi Quilter clip onto your collar or neckline and keep your snips handy whenever you need them.  The retractable scissor holder snaps your scissors in place so you won't spend hours searching for them!
And finally, back in stock is the thread we love to piece with, Star Thread by Coats and Clark. As long as your machine tension is set correctly, use any neutral color of this mercerized Egyptian cotton for piecing any colors, light or dark.  As it has 1200 yards on the spool, you can sew quite a while before having to change spools!  And since the opening is larger than standard spools, we carry the wooden ADAPT adapters to fit inside and keep them spinning nicely on your spool pin.  The saying we follow is "Piece with cotton; quilt with anything"!  Try some of these nifty notions or restock if you already love them like we do!!

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